Welcome to Pierson Construction

Pierson Construction is an Arizona based, diversified company specializing in Underground Utilities, Utra Violet CIPP  Rehabilitation, Sewer, Pipeline, Excavation, Road Construction, Site Development, and Federal Projects of all types and scopes.

Established in 1983, in Tempe, Arizona, Pierson takes pride in our record of accepting the most challenging projects, and completing them on time, on-budget, and without compromising safety or quality.

Our repeat customers have taught us that the skills, talents, and minds of our people are the real value in the services we provide to our clients. We have developed a style of contracting that minimizes confrontations, maximizes communication, and stresses safety, quality, and productivity. We view each project as a Team effort, comprised of the owner, the professionals, the other contractors, and Pierson Construction.

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Ultra Violet CIPP Rehabilitation


Pierson installs cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) to repair deteriorated or damaged pipes and non-potable water distribution pipeline systems. Pierson has teamed with America’s premier UV Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Fiberglass Liner System - StreamLiner UV™ by LightStream, L.P. to install proven trenchless technologies that help you reduce problems associated with infiltration, leakage and deteriorating non-potable water, sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure, with minimal surface disruption.

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